Delivering orders in under 10 minutes


Quick commerce (or q-commerce) emerged as a result of the progress of e-commerce. 

The current e-commerce trend is Q-commerce or rapid commerce. It’s known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to two aspects of online sales:

The want for more is a never-ending game.

It is because of easy access to products and severe competition, consumers have become even more demanding. Deliveries have gone from fast to ultrafast since the advent of swift commerce: orders are created, transmitted, and delivered in a matter of minutes.

This is how fast it is.

In general, quick commerce is defined by providing clients with little quantities of things almost instantaneously (within 10 minutes), whenever and wherever they require them

Some of the important characteristics of Quick commerce are as follows

Consumers can expect to receive their purchases in a reasonable timeframe
To supply the goods in such a short amount of time, they must be dispersed from a location near the user.

It's pointless to spend time efficiently preparing and shipping an order if the delivery process is unduly delayed at the last minute

Because the number of SKUs sold is limited, warehouse capacity is constrained. This saves money on storage and guarantees that the available SKUs are provided efficiently.
Only a few orders are prepared at a time, and each order contains only a few things. This streamlines the process and ensures delivery in a matter of minutes
The corporation must have the goods in stock at the time the client places an order.
Increasing expectations of the customers have forced retailers to grow to keep in mind the trend and technology. With our strategic approach, retailers like you can increase profits and market sustainability by partnering with us.

Cloud Warehousing Services

24/7 Warehouse Services- An End To Long Wait Times and On-demand fulfillment

Cloud Warehouse

Quick-commerce businesses demand small facilities with little storage capacities in different areas of a city for delivering customer orders within a time-frame of minutes. . These small storage capacities are termed as Cloud-Stores. Products are placed in these Cloud stores and as and when an order is placed, the goods are immediately taken out for delivery.

The PIQYU Cloud store services come in handy here.

Whether it’s inventory stocking or shipping and delivering, we’ve got you covered with simple API integration technology that improves your online local business.

We commit to operate as a micro fulfillment center with a well-organized layout and optimized retail needs contentment on online orders.

As these are not open to the public, we can accommodate more of your inventories in a smaller warehouse while saving your money on shipping, storage, and other expenses.


Why should you choose us as your Cloud store service provider?

Online shopping, which is undeniably here to stay, is becoming increasingly complex in order to adapt to new lifestyles and customer behaviours. 

Speed and comfort are more vital than ever before, having progressed from a luxury to a basic need.

Don’t hesitate to contact PIQYU if you believe your company’s logistics operations require that extra push to function well in such a competitive digital world. Our experts will provide you with personalized recommendations for the storage and management system that will best meet your requirements.

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