You are just a click away from EV for your eco-friendly and cost-effective deliveries


Unlimited Earnings

PIQYU provides solutions in all forms, whether for our partners or our delivery executives. We never overlook our riding partner’s feasibility to work on their own terms and earn more. So it’s a win-win situation for both of us.

As a 3PL company, we make logistics operations easier for our riding partners.

Hence, we have increased our investment of time and effort in electric vehicles.

Want to partner with us as a rider?

Easy app

Join our community with the Super Easy app and start earning money right away!!

Wondering how to partner up without having your own vehicle?

We make every effort to make it simple for anyone who wishes to partner with us. We provide logistics assistance to our delivery executives who do not own an electric vehicle. The exciting part is that its not necessary for them to own a driver’s licence or RTA vehicle registration.

Why electric vehicle


PIQYU intends to have a 50 percent EV fleet by 2023 and a 100 percent EV fleet by 2024