Hyper Local Services

Boost your brand's local presence even if you don't have multiple branches in the area.


Today the companies do not just deliver goods, they deliver an experience. A 6 year old looking out for chocolate or a 70 year old looking out for his timely medicines. PIQYU delivery service is the ultimate answer. We know and we care. Whether the storms are roaring, the rain is pouring or the heat is scorching, we are always on our toes to deliver goods from your online- store to your client’s door, on time.

How does the complete process take place?

Without inventory on hand, a 3PL cannot ship orders. In a 3PL warehouse, "receiving" inventory refers to the acceptance of incoming inventory followed by its storage.

At PIQYU, we require clients to give us the details of the complete list of inventory,  so that we can determine which products and how many units we will receive. This allows us to keep ourselves organized and punctual for receiving inventory which allows us to begin delivering your orders faster and more efficiently.

We store the inventory in our warehouses available in the cities we operate. You can rest assured knowing that we will provide more than adequate storage space for your goods. 

As your product line and order volume expand, we will make it a priority to scale up our storage capacity to keep up with you.

When a customer places an order on your online store, the 3PL fulfillment process gets started.

You notify us of the order via API, and we assign it to the warehouse picking staff.

To collect the ordered products from their respective locations, the picker receives a picking list with the items, quantities, and storage locations at the facility.

When all of the items in an order have been selected, it's time for them to be safely delivered.

Everything is set in place, taking into consideration any special mentions that have been requested along with the order,  our riders are always ready for its fulfillment in no time. 

Finally, they drive the parcel to the destination.

If a consumer asks for a return for their order, we execute it quickly. The driver returns to their location, collects the package, and either restocks or disposes of the item according to your standards and requirements.

Both you and your clients benefit from this service. Customers can simply track the status of their return order on our website, and you won't have to manage returns in-house.

Reasons you should choose us for your Hyperlocal- Delivery needs

We have full arrangements for keeping to your fleet requirements if there is a surplus demand which comes unannounced.
Dependable expedited logistics for Fast Service Diners and Retail Chains that need a committed on-time delivery fleet to improve customer satisfaction.
The clients can track their delivery, through our API integrated platform
Cost-effective- We offer the most competitive rates in the market
Our riders deliver your goods within constrained timelines